Wat is Punch?

D.S.V.V. "Punch" is de Delftse Studenten Volleybal Vereniging in Delft.
13 heren- en 13 damesteams trainen en spelen wedstrijden bij X, het sportcentrum van de TU Delft. Het niveau van de teams varieert van beginners tot en met tweede divisie. In de eigen societeit ('t Pand) in het centrum wordt elke vrijdag een borrel gehouden en de locatie is verder beschikbaar voor onderhuur. Vele commissies organiseren activiteiten zoals een jaarlijks grasvolleybaltoernooi, sjiekfeest en oefenwedstrijddag. Lees verder voor nog meer informatie over de vereniging.
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Huisgenootjesdag // Roommates day!!

Gepost op: 14-11-2023
Op 25 november is het huisgenotendag! Nodig al je huisgenoten uit om jouw team bij je wedstrijd aan te moedigen en neem ze 's avonds mee naar 't Pand om helemaal uit je dak te gaan.

On November 25 it is roommates day! Invite all your roommates to cheer you and your team on at your match and take them to Pand in the evening to party your pants off.

-OKOK- de OK

Sign up for BIBS!

Gepost op: 08-11-2023

In a little more than 2 weeks, on Thursday November 23th, BIBS will take place! At the Bitterbal Included BoardgameS night, you will be able to play the best board games collected by Punch over the years, or bring your own and play them while being served bitterbals and other snacks. The ToKo is also very busy with making a game themselves… Did you become curious, or simply hungry? Registration is already open!

 - 23th of november, from 20:00 at ‘t Pand 

Tasty greetings,

De ToKo 

Bootcamp Promo 2023

Gepost op: 25-10-2023

On November 19, the annual Bootcamp will take place again! This is a day full of volleyballtrainings and clinics for Punchers of every level! The trainings are provided by external trainers and during the lunch, there will also be physiotherapists present where you can ask questions for free!


Keep the whole day free as there will be lunch, dinner and an evening activity! Registrations are not open yet, but keep an eye on our insta and the board announcements as there are only a limited number of spots.


If there are any questions feel free to ask anyone from the BOOcamp (the ones with the BOOty shorts) and hopefully we will see you all Sunday, November 19 at Kratos!


Spooky greetings,


The BOOcamp


Save the date: Sjiek!

Gepost op: 24-10-2023

Sjiek is the most extravagant and grandiose party of the year. Participants journey with their dates and their chic clothes to an elegant venue for an evening of unlimited drinks and fantastic music. Before the Sjiek event, there's an optional pre-Sjiek activity during the day to foster a better relation between you and your date. This year, Sjiek is scheduled for Saturday, December 16th. Ensure you keep this day free! And if you're curious about the venue, the AkCie will reveal it during PIQ.

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