Are you planning on becoming a member of D.S.V.V. "Punch"? Read below about all the possibilities, during the OWee but also during the rest of the season.

IntroductionWeek (OWee)
Every year, in August, Punch takes part in the IntroductionWeek in Delft. During this week you can come by at our own society at the Brabantse turfmarkt 9 in the city centre. After the OWee there are two weeks in which there are try out practices. These are open for everyone to try and see what volleyball is but also to show our technical committee what your level is. If you decide to join Punch you can subscribe during these practices. For more information have a look at our OWee website which will be online from August 1st. Punch has a member limit, so contact the Board for more information. 

To become a member of Punch you have to join at least 2 try-out practices and subscribe at the (Candidate)Board. Furthermore, every member should confirm to the terms of agreement which can be found on the downloadpage

So you can register for Punch during the two weeks after the IntroductionWeek (OWee) at the try-outs on Monday or/ and Wednesday. To check whenever these try-outs will take place exactly for what volleyball level, check the OWee site or contact the Board.

During the season
Since a few years Punch has a member limit. Because of this limit it is not possible to join Punch during the season, unless there is a free place in a team. If you are interested in joining during the season please fill in this form, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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