General information

Punch is one of the biggest student volleyball clubs in the Netherlands. At the moment Punch consists of 13 man's teams and 13 women's teams and 70 members who don't play volleyball for this year (also known as BL' en). These BL' en can still join all the activities but they can't compete in the national Nevobo competition.

The TU Delft

The TU Delft is the home sponsor of D.S.V.V. ''Punch''. Punch is one of the associations affiliated to the TU Delft. X is a place on campus where you can develop the talents that you don't necessarily need for an academic education, but which are nevertheless invaluable throughout your life. X focuses on the needs of young people and has plenty to offer, ranging from courses, ticket hours, events and projects to, for example, independent use of the student kitchen and living room, or the chance to launch your own activities and/or programming. Thanks to the help of student organisations, teaching staff and trainers, X is able to provide an attractive programme of activities in which students and staff members participate each year. Also, X offers the facilities to let programme spontaneously arise.


Our practices takes place on the Monday and Wednesday from 18:00 to 24:00. We train at two different locations: the Wippolderhall (S.V. Wippolder, Rijksstraatweg 9, Delft) and X (the sportscentre of the TU Delft, Mekelweg 8-10, Delft). To be allowed to train you will have to be in possession of an X subscription which can be bought at X. Teams train once or twice a week depending on their volleyball level.


The members who compete in the competition (also known as CL' en) compete in the regional competition varying from second division to fourth class. Normally the matches are played on Friday evening or Saturday in the afternoon. However some other clubs might play on different days.

It is not uncommon for 8 teams to play on a single day at X (sportcentre TU Delft), which means that it is a pleasant bustle and you can also take a look at the other teams playing. The away games are played in the surroundings of Delft. After a nice team meal either the bus, tram, train or, for the lucky ones, a car is used to get to the match on time. 

On Friday at one o'clock X (sportcentre TU Delft) closes. Luckily Punch has their own location to keep the fun going. This is a bar on the Brabantse Turfmarkt 9 called 'the Pand'. Here we can continue until 4 o'clock and even then some of our members continue the fun in a bar somewhere in the city centre.

Punch as an association

Although volleyball is the main purpose that Punch exists there is a lot more to do. There are multiple committees that organize activities such as BBQ's, a ball, and a weekend with all the Punchers to get to know each other. But there is also a committee that runs our own bar and organizes a lot of special parties such as Oktoberfest.

The activities having to do with volleyball are organized by the ToKo, Bootcamp and the XTC. Every year the XTC is busy with preparing a big outdoors grass volleybal tournament which takes place somewhere in June. The Bootcamp organizes a day full of volleyball practices and clinics in November. The ToKo on the other hand is busy with more smaller activities, for example the practice match day, and a new years tournament. Then there is the PPK who make the society paper called "Konvo" which they release 5 times a year to keep the members up to date to all the useful information and gossip. Last but not least there is the CIA, they are in charge of the website and keep it up to date. These are the biggest committees but there are even more. There's also an inernarional committee. They organise different activities and make sure the internationals feel welcome.

Technical policy

The technical committee (TK) are in charge of all the technical policies. At the start of the season they make the teams and will look at you to decide what your level of play is. If there are any questions you have for them just send an email to the Board.

The Board

Each year there are 5 enthusiastic Punchers who put there education on a hold for a year. Together they do all the administrative functions. If you have any questions about Punch they will be happy to answer them for you either via mail or in person on the Brabantse Turfmarkt 9. Check this site to find the mailaccounts and location.

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