Punch Open Beach

Gepost op: 18-05-2024

Kom en schrijf je nu in voor het Punch Open Beach toernooi! 🏐 Stel een team samen van 4-6 spelers en beleef op 18 mei vanaf 14:00 een geweldige dag vol beachvolleybal op X, gevolgd door een gezellige barbecue en Borrel op 't Pand. En dat slechts voor €5,- per persoon! Nodig vooral je vrienden en huisgenoten uit, want het toernooi staat open voor iedereen! 🤩
Come and register now for the Punch Open Beach tournament! 🏐 Put together a team of 4-6 players and experience a great day of beach volleyball at X on May 18 from 14:00, followed by a fun barbecue and Drinks at 't Pand. And all that for only €5 per person! Be sure to invite your friends and roommates, because the tournament is open to everyone!🤩


Kom naar de AV!

Gepost op: 30-04-2024

Maak je agenda vrij voor de algemene vergadering op 30 april om 19:15! We hebben grootse plannen: niet meer trainen tot 00:00 uur, een heren en dames 14, een gloednieuwe DJ-tafel, en een hip nieuw tenue staan allemaal op de agenda. Maar dat is nog niet alles, we zullen ook meer beleid rond sociale veiligheid bespreken. Mis dit niet!


ToKo Sports Café

Gepost op: 25-04-2024

Tic-Tac-ToKo will be hosting our final tournament of the year on the 11th of June! For one evening ONLY, we will transform t'Pand into the ToKo Sports Café. You will not only enjoy watching a streamed VNL game with your fellow Punchers but also get to compete with one another to Tic off the most boxes and shout "BINGO!" We would sell various Tac of snacks such as bitterballen, chicken nuggets and cheese soufflé. If you get Bingo, you can claim your thrilling prize from ToKo!


Interest Evening

Gepost op: 12-03-2024

Tonight are the committee interestdrinks at 't Pand. The drinks will start at 8pm. There will be the chance to have a chat with the many different committees that Punch has. They all have something great prepared for you, so come check that out. See you tonight!

The prize for the team with the highest attendance (firstyears count double) will be a free B'tje! You can fill it with 11 drinks, which can vary between beers, apple bandit, radler or soda.


Brolentines Tournament

Gepost op: 30-01-2024

Op 13 februari vind het Brolentines toernooi plaats! Op het Brolentines toernooi speel je verschillende spellen in duos tegen andere duo. Voor elk spel wordt een nieuw koppel gemaakt om nieuwe vriendschappen te creëren of bestaande vriendschappen te versterken. Tijdens het hartverwarmende proces van spelletjes spelen worden er lekkere zoete verrassingen geserveerd.


On the 13th of February, the Brolentines Tournament will take place! At the Brolentines Tournament, you will play different games in pairs against other pairs. For each game a new pair is made to create new or strengthen existing friendships. During the heart pounding process of playing games tasty sweet surprises will be served.


Terug komen van uitwisseling // Coming back from exchange

Gepost op: 19-01-2024

Kom jij terug van uitwisseling en heb jij zin om weer te volleyballen?? Stuur mailtje naar jou TK-deel dan zullen zij laten weten of het mogelijk is om ergens mee te trainen.

Are you coming back from exchange and looking forward to playing volleyball again? Send mail to your TK part then they will let you know if it is possible for you to train somewhere.

An overview of who to mail. Sent a mail to the TK part that you last played in.
Ladies 1 to Ladies 7 -->
Ladies 8 to Ladies 13 -->
Gents 1 to Gents 7 -->
Gents 8 to Gents 13 -->



Gepost op: 22-12-2023

The ToKo wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!! Are you afraid you will miss playing volleyball during the break, don’t worry because on the 7th of January we will organise the Oliebollentoernooi. You will not only get to fill your cold shivering body with delicious warm oliebollen, but also get to enjoy the fun of playing different mini (volleyball) games with your fellow Punchers.


Interest-evening Board & long-term committees

Gepost op: 11-12-2023

The volleyball competition has been going on for a while now and a lot of fun activities have already been organised by Punch committees. There is also a lot happening behind the scenes of Punch, for example by the Board and the various long-term committees and working groups. To show you what these groups do, we are organising an interest evening on 19 December. In case you are curious about what all there is to do within Punch, come have a chat at 't Pand from 19:30h on!


Sjiek - 'a Punch Gala'

Gepost op: 05-12-2023

Sjiek is the most elegant Punch evening of the year! Everyone dressed at their best👠, at a fancy venue, with unlimited drinks, live music🎸🎹 and DJs! What more could you ask for? During the day, there will also be a pre-Sjiek activity to get to know your date better, and get in the mood for the evening💃. The total price is max. 59 euros, including the bus ride back to Delft! Bring all your teammates and let’s end this year with a blast, together with all your fellow Punchers!✨ PS: You can also go to Sjiek with a safe-date or without a date if that’s what you feel comfortable with 😊

xx AkCie on the Beach🌴🍹


Huisgenootjesdag // Roommates day!!

Gepost op: 14-11-2023
Op 25 november is het huisgenotendag! Nodig al je huisgenoten uit om jouw team bij je wedstrijd aan te moedigen en neem ze 's avonds mee naar 't Pand om helemaal uit je dak te gaan.

On November 25 it is roommates day! Invite all your roommates to cheer you and your team on at your match and take them to Pand in the evening to party your pants off.

-OKOK- de OK

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